Stipplings For U

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About the techniques

Background of Stippling
Stippling is similar to Pointillism, which was founded by French Post-Impressionist painter, Georges Seurat.
Seurat is famous for Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte.
The only difference between Stippling and Pointillism is done with pen and paper, while Pointillism is typically done with paint and canvas.

What is Stippling?
Stippling is basically millions of dots that are used to form a picture together. To make an image darker, the dots would be set closer. To make the image lighter, the dots would be farther apart.

What is Hatching?
Hatching is a lot of lines to make an image--not necessarily straight lines either.
Similar to stippling, to make an image darker, the lines would be set closer and to make the image lighter, the lines would be set farther apart.

What is Cross-Hatching?
Cross-hatching is criss-cross lines to make an image. The same process applies as above as to how to make the images lighter and darker.